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Caffeinated Conundrums

Expressive Words of Riddled Minds

10 May 1991
HI! My name is Joanna Buckley, and, cornily enough, the most important things in my life are my friends (as well as manga and anime... complete fangirl at times... =3)

Why are my friends important? Because:

They. Are. Amazing.

No other reason except that. AND they allow me to literally throw myself at them most of the time and don't openly plot my demise.

But more about me.

Generally, I can be quite quiet around people I don't know, but around my friends sometimes I don't understand the meaning of 'shut up'. Also, I have a huge issue with doing work. Currently, I have gotten into the habit of leaving things till the last moment and beyond. If it weren't for my teachers and friends breathing down my neck most of the time I might have actually flunked school by now...